norway-windNorway is definitely a country that might have insanely high taxes, but it is also a model country where the government has used much of its oil revenue to benefit the rest of the citizens there in terms of infrastructure and services. Not only that, it is an eco-friendly country as well, where Norway has already made use of huge floating wind turbines, as well as merging wind and hydro for large-scale energy storage, and this time around they intend to develop a massive 1GW network of onshore wind farms right smack in the center of the Scandinavian country.

This is definitely an ambitious project to say the least, where it will comprise of half a dozen separate interconnected wind farms, and will be located in one of the prime spots for wind energy throughout the hwole of Europe. When it is completed, it will also boast of the doubling of Norway’s current wind energy capacity.

In other countries like Japan, there have also been similar yet different efforts. For instance, in the land of the Rising Sun, there is a plan to construct the world’s largest floating solar power plant, now how about that? Hopefully other countries would also look into how they can take advantage of the landscape to make the world a more environmentally-friendly place.

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