Oculus-Rift-5If you are planning on getting yourself an Oculus Rift headset, you might be interested to learn that not only will you be getting the headset, but you will also be getting yourself a four month trial to Unity Pro. For those unfamiliar, Unity Pro is a game engine so if you are a developer, this offer will actually be pretty sweet.


This was revealed by Oculus founder Palmer Luckey at the Vision Summit 2016, in which he also stated his desire for those who purchase the Oculus Rift to be not just a consumer, but a creator as well. According to Luckey, “For virtual reality, we knew a lot of the best ideas and applications weren’t going to come from people that you could predict. It was gonna come from people who would create things you wouldn’t expect.”

So by bundling a four month trial to Unity Pro, Luckey expects “everyone to start creating apps using Unity. They can start thinking about being a creator, not a consumer.” It’s actually not a bad idea considering that there aren’t exactly many apps or games created for virtual reality at the moment. While its obvious uses are for videos and games, allowing access to Unity Pro could unlock the killer app that the virtual reality scene needs.

In the meantime, for those who have yet to place their pre-order, the Oculus Rift is being sold for $599. However if you don’t have a PC capable/powerful enough to run the device, you will be able to pre-order an Oculus Rift-ready PC starting from the 16th of February.

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