You would think that building a house or an office space is a complicated process, and we suppose it is, especially when you have to consider things like the foundation, its structural integrity, wiring, plumbing, and etc. However what if houses were easy to build? What if putting together a house could be like building a LEGO structure?

Turns out that’s what a French architecture firm has envisioned. The firm, Multipod Studio, has recently unveiled a prototype called the PopUp House. This is a house that can be put together using stackable blocks, meaning that you can put the house together like you would a LEGO structure. Of course there will be a team there to help you put it together, but the idea is that construction work would be a lot less messy, not to mention more efficient.

It has been estimated that the entire process of designing your house, ordering, and building it will actually take about a month. In fact the building process itself is said to take about four days, and all of it was put together using just an electric screwdriver. This also means that taking it down should be as just as fast, if not faster.

Unfortunately before you get too excited about your new PopUp House, it is only currently available in France, although the firm did state that they plan to eventually expand to the UK and the US, and are seeking local architects to help ensure that their creations are in line with building codes.

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