rimowa-electronic-tag-2When you’re traveling and you’re checking in luggage, they will attach a huge tag to your bag. This tag basically identifies your flight, meaning that your luggage should end up where you’re going (although sometimes it does go missing). These tags are a necessity, but also a waste of paper and not to mention additional work for airport staff.


However Rimowa has come up with an electronic luggage tag that functions the same way, except that this is electronic and relies on a screen. The screen can be updated and changed whenever you have a new flight, meaning that they won’t have to bother with paper tags, not to mention they can also put their bags in an automated check in station, as opposed to having to stand in line.

Unfortunately for now, Rimowa is testing out these tags with Lufthansa and only with select passengers, meaning that it won’t be widely available yet. Of course to get it more widely adopted, more airports and airlines will have to start accepting the new standard, and given that there are many luggage makers who might have similar plans, we reckon it could take a while before such electronic tags are widely used.

However it is still an interesting idea and for those who wouldn’t mind getting their hands on one of Rimowa’s luggages with the electronic tags, they are available across the company’s product line like the Topas, Salsa, Bossa Nova, and the Limbo.

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