apple logoIt certainly seems as though rumors concerning wireless charging capabilities for the iPhone has been going around, as recently as late last month, even. Well, it looks like there is a very high chance that this is going to be a reality, as whispers have it that Apple has already agreed to work alongside Energous in order to see this dream come to fruition. Just in case one was wondering, Energous is the company behind WattUp, where the latter is a wireless charging technology that relies on radio frequencies so that devices can be charged – up to 15 feet away.

One of the more recent research reports from Louis Basenese of Disruptive Tech Research does point to a very likely partnership to form between both companies, and there is some basis to such speculation. After all, early last year, Energous was said to have come to an agreement with an unnamed consumer electronics company – although it was revealed that said company is one of the top five companies in the world back then, and this relatively short list would definitely see Apple rub shoulders with the likes of Microsoft and HP as well.

Just how likely do you think that future iPhones will sport wireless charging? Based on history, it can be a safe bet to say that if wireless charging for iPhones become standard by the time the 2017 model arrives, then Android-powered devices would have gotten standard wireless charging implemented before this year is over.

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