grass-nanocellulose-condoms-3Condoms are available in varying thicknesses, although despite how thin some brands are, there are still some who complain that the sensation isn’t quite the same. However since condoms are used to help prevent pregnancies and from passing/contracting STDs, it would be irresponsible not to wear one.


That being said, scientists at the University of Queensland in Australia might have come up with a condom that is not only thinner, but also stronger than regular condoms in today’s market, and this is thanks to the use of grass. No, we’re not talking about condoms made from blades of grass woven together, but rather it is the use of a native grass as an ingredient.

The condoms are made from latex but the scientists have added nanocellulose obtained from a native grass. The end result is that they’re stronger than regular latex condoms, and are also very thin, about the same diameter as a human hair. Not only will this condom be more secure also potentially more pleasurable, the reduction in materials could also mean that it will be more affordable.

According to the University of Queensland’s Professor Darren Martin, “With a little more refinement, we think we can engineer a latex condom that’s about 30 per cent thinner, and will still pass all standards, and with more process optimization work we will be able to make devices even thinner than this. Late last year we were able to get down to about 45 microns on our very first commercial dipping run, which is around the width of the hair on your head.”

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