gps-spoofIt goes without saying that the modern day GPS navigation system in our smartphones as well as in our vehicles do a pretty good job when it comes to bringing us from one location to another without missing a beat. Well, how about the ‘super GPS’? With ‘super GPS’, it would hopefully ensure that self driving cars will not lose their way – which is a comforting thought, taking into consideration the number of self-driving cars that might be on the road in the near future, especially when there are companies like Google who would like to spearhead such an effort.

’Super GPS’ happens to be a new technique that allows the system to be accurate to just a few centimeters. Such technology can see action in autonomous cars, smartphones and wearables, where the system will make use of on-board inertial measurements from a sensor. So far, results have proven to be rather precise in nature, where it shows off location information with several orders of magnitude.

Just how is ‘super GPS’ achieved? Through a new approach that makes use of algorithms in order to pinpoint the unit’s position, right down to within a few centimeters. The people behind it have faith that the ‘internal navigation system will deliver data to reach high sample rates and bandwidth’.

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