There’s no doubt about the fact that the iPhone has one of the best cameras that you can find on a mobile device. Apple has focused on the iPhone’s imaging prowess for years and will certainly continue to do so in the years to come. Perhaps that’s why it’s understandable to see Tim Cook get viciously trolled online when he posts a blurry picture taken after the iPhone right after the Broncos won the Super Bowl last night.

Apple regularly runs campaigns that showcase just what an amazing job the iPhone’s camera does. The campaigns are all substance and no fluff since the iPhone does have a great camera but it doesn’t help when you get a bit of bad PR courtesy of the CEO himself.

The picture you see above was tweeted by Tim Cook moments after the Broncos won the Super Bowl last night. Perhaps in the heat of the moment Cook didn’t really see the picture he was tweeting and once it was done, people took him to task for it.

Some people made fun of the lack of optical image stabilization on the iPhone, others mischievously suggested that Cook use a Samsung smartphone to take a better picture. Cook obviously didn’t respond to any of the trolling but he may have learned his lesson, pretty sure he’ll double check before tweeting pictures from now on.

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