Apple CEO Tim Cook was at the Levi’s Stadium for the Super Bowl and soon after the Broncos won he posted a very blurry photo to Twitter. Naturally, the trolls were out in full force, so he got viciously trolled for posting a blurry picture. Some even suggested that he dump his iPhone for a Samsung to take better pictures. The PR machine seems to be active now as that blurry picture has since been replaced with a better shot and has even started banning some of the trolls.

It’s not that the iPhone can’t take a nice picture. The fact remains that the iPhone is among the best camera phones, Cook’s only fault was posting a picture he took in sheer excitement and tweeting it. That’s what the trolls took him to task for.

Cook or the people who handle his account didn’t directly respond to any of the trolls, but it was noticed later that the blurry picture had been deleted and replaced with a better shot, and some of the trolls who passed comments on it have found out that they’ve been blocked.

One can say that it’s a step too far to actually ban people who trolled Tim Cook for posting a blurry photo, he did present them with the opportunity, but I guess an argument can be made against it as well. What do you think, though, is banning followers a step too far?

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