Apple Watch Hermes

Right off the bat, Apple positioned its first smartwatch as more than just a conventional smartwatch. It presented it as more of a fashion accessory, pairing up with the likes of Hermès to really drive the point home that it’s offering was more fashionable than the rest. It looks like this partnership with fashion might go further. According to a new report, people wearing an Apple Watch will get VIP treatment at Tommy Hilfiger’s next fashion show.

Clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger is reportedly going to offer priority entry to those who are wearing the Apple Watch, the show will be part of the New York Fashion Week, apparently it’s going to set up a dedicated fast lane to usher people wearing the smartwatch.

Unfortunately, not everybody with an Apple Watch will be able to get in, you actually need to be invited to the Tommy Hilfiger show. Guests will need to have the Fashion GPS Rader app installed on the Apple Watch to get VIP treatment, it allows them to flash QR codes without having to take out their iPhone.

Tommy Hilfiger is the first fashion brand to offer priority to guests wearing the Apple Watch and it’s likely we could see similar partnerships in the future. Rumor has it that Apple is going to introduce new watch band options for the Apple Watch at its event next month, perhaps Tommy Hilfiger has made some as well for its smartwatch.

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