If you were to look at some of the cars today compared to those say 30-40 years ago, they look downright futuristic. However the question is, what can we expect to see from car designers in the future, say 40-50 years later? Will cars still remain grounded? Will they be flying? Or maybe we’ll be zipping around in tubes instead of cars?

While that future remains undetermined, the folks at BMW have recently taken the wraps off their latest concept called the Vision Next 100. This car has been designed to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary and the car will be shown off at their Munich headquarters, and as you can see in the video and images, this design is pretty much out of this world.

Like we said, it’s hard to imagine what kind of cars we might be driving in the future, and based on what we can see in BMW’s concept, we have to say we wouldn’t mind this future. According to BMW, they have turned to the use of augmented reality for the vehicle’s windshield. There are also 800 triangles embedded in the dashboard which the company calls Alive Geometry.

The idea is that the driver will be able to interact with the car using gestures. It also seems that BMW has designed the entire car to be one piece, meaning that the car’s body will be able to adapt, turn, and move as the car turns, as opposed to having the wheels of the car as a separate component. Now obviously this is a concept so there’s no way of knowing if BMW will ever make it a reality, but like we said if this is the future of cars, we wouldn’t be completely opposed to that.

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