casio-exilim-trSelfies are pretty big these days, and it does not look as though the selfie trend is about to die off anytime soon. In fact, we have even seen strides made in the realm of selfie phone cases, not to mention special software to brighten up your face in a selfie, as found in the likes of the Oppo F1. Casio intends to ride on the coattails of selfie popularity with the introduction of its Casio Exilim TR camera.

This is not a cheap camera by any means, despite looking as though it was a basic point-and-shoot. In fact, the Casio Exilim TR will cost $1,000 a pop, where it claims to lighten and perfect every photo that you take, doing so automatically. It has been described to be a magical camera that makes one look prettier, or at least it is marketed that way.

$1,000 might seem like a lot, but when you take a look at the kind of beauty products sold over at stores, especially those skin whitening ones, you know that they would cost a bomb in the long run. After all, a selfie camera that touches up your photos make you look good to the rest of the world virtually, and your real life friends and family already know what you look like, so…

It looks like the Casio Exilim TR seems to be sold in Asia only at the moment, which goes to show how big the market is on that continent when it comes to matters such as these.

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