flipitcaseIt seems that snapping selfies is not going to be a trend that is about to die off anytime soon, but will continue to take off in a big way. And what better way to do so than to come up with an even more compelling selfie stick? After all, selfie sticks might help reduce the number of selfie-attributed deaths if used properly, and here is a Kickstarter campaign for the ultimate convergence selfie stick.

Known as Flip It, this has been described to be a 4-in-1 stick that will cost $50. It might sound mighty expensive, but do take note that this is more than just a regular selfie stick. In fact, it also doubles up as a “premium selfie case” that will boast of a kickstand and a wireless remote with Bluetooth technology, now how about that?

The remote feature will no doubt come in handy should you want to snap a group shot from a distance, and it is more or less the self-timer on a camera, save that it brings with it a protective case to boot. Not only that, I am quite sure that if you are a closet selfie lover but do not want to look too obvious carrying one of these around, then the Flip It is perfect, since the stick portion can be folded into the case when not in use.

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