It is pretty common to see ATMs dispense warnings (alongside cash) that customers should keep an eye out and make sure that there is no suspicious-looking gadgets or accessories attached to the machine. These are usually ATM skimmers which will then be able to record your card’s information, thus allowing a hacker to replicate the info and clean out your bank account.


Now you might think it is difficult to install a card skimmer, but unfortunately it is anything but. A recent video released by the Miami Beach Police shows a hacker installing a credit card skimmer on the terminal in as little as three seconds, which is how long the clerk was distracted for. Unfortunately it looks like the clerk was oblivious to the move but thankfully this was caught on camera.

The police have posted the video in hopes of identifying the man in question, but we guess the point is that with card skimmers installed with such ease and speed, we suppose you guys should be extra careful the next time you are out, and if anything looks remotely suspicious, we guess you should avoid it. Better safe than sorry, right? In any case if you have a couple of minutes to spare, you can check out the skimmer’s installation in the video above.

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