zerg-rush-googleIt looks like Google’s AlphaGo (which is a program by DeepMind) has gotten the upper hand for more than once over the Lee Sedol, human world champion in the complex game of Go, and it is rather easy to see why, as the sheer brute force of computing power, accompanied by the fact that computers will not weary nor get tired at all, against a human who has emotions and can get affected by so many other factors, is there for all to see. What are some of the other frontiers which DeepMind might want to conquer? It looks like Blizzard is up to the challenge.


Blizzard is reaching out to find out more about what Google has in mind when it comes to AlphaGo, or their AI system, at least based on the tweet that you see here below. Blizzard has even mentioned, “challenge accepted!”, so exciting days certainly lie ahead of us with regard to this particular matter.

Here is a little bit of background information – DeepMind is the artificial intelligence company that is behind the AlphaGo program, having been acquired by Google a couple of years ago. The thing is, will the folks over at DeepMind be able to handle a Zerg Rush? It would be interesting to see how Blizzard makes the right moves in a match of StarCraft against other AI.

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