facebook messenger updateIt looks like the hugely popular Facebook Messenger app might do a whole lot more than just helping you keep in touch with one another, as the social network giant might be exploring the possibility of an in-store purchase model via its mobile app, and this comes after the company has more or less aligned itself to the very real possibility of partnering alongside Apple Pay when it comes to retail checkouts.

How did this bit of information come about? Well, it looks like code that was discovered within the Facebook Messenger app points to an open door left by Facebook for its users to pay for items purchased via the app, which would see it bypass the likes of credit card terminals at the store. In other words, users can “pay in person” or “pay directly in Messenger when you pick up the item.”

It seems that Facebook has already assigned a sizable team to ensure that this project takes off and is a success, and this might jolly well mean that us users can see the Facebook Messenger app authorize credit card transactions down the road, and if Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is true to his word, then partnerships with the likes of Apple will make it possible. What do you think of such cashless transactions? Even if not, you can still play basketball via Facebook Messenger.

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