There are plenty of websites out there like TripAdvisor that will provide users with information on destinations that they are planning on visiting. However if you’d rather not have to navigate individual websites and want to be able to see all the information presented in one go, you might be in luck a Google has launched a new feature.

Dubbed Destinations, this is not a separate website/platform. Instead Destinations will be integrated directly into Google Search, meaning that if you were to look up information like “European vacations”, you will be presented with information like a grid of the major cities, cost, best time to visit, and etc.

There will also be a new travel guide section if you were to search for a specific country or city, although we should note that for now, Google Destinations will only be available on mobile search, so if you were to use your desktop computer to search, you won’t be presented with the same information.

According to Google, this is because right now a lot of search related to travel takes place on mobile devices, but there is a chance that Destinations could find its way onto the desktop in the future. In the meantime to learn more about Destinations, you can check out the introduction video above.

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