htc-logo-sketchAccording to the rumors, HTC’s upcoming smartphone which many are assuming will be called the HTC One M10 will be going by a different name. Given that the company seems to be desperately needing a win right now, we suppose a shake up of their practices and branding would make sense.

So what will the handset  be known as? According to a recent tweet by Evan Blass, he has revealed that the upcoming phone will be simply called the HTC 10. We have to say that we do like the sound of that as it is simple and straightforward. It will also set itself apart from the other HTC One handsets, and also break away from the M-series of phones which for the past few years, has been the company’s flagship lineup.

Now just to clear some confusion or speculation, but Blass has stated that the HTC 10 will not run Windows 10. We suppose we can see why some might have gotten a little ahead of themselves as the number “10” is shared, but according to him, “Guess I can appreciate the optimism, Windows fans, but the answer is no. Every time, w every phone, answer is no :/”

So far we still have no word on when the HTC 10 will be launched, but the company has recently been posting various teasers leading up to its announcement, so check back with us later for the details.

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