hublot-watchHublot is a brand that many associate with expensive and luxurious Swiss-made watches, and it looks like the company could be the next Swiss watchmaker part of the LVMH group to release a smartwatch of their own, according to a report from Bloomberg in which Jean-Claude Biver confirmed the company’s plans.


Prior to this, LVMH’s TAG Heuer brand launched a smartwatch of their own, so it will be interesting to see what kind of smartwatch Hublot could come up with. TAG isn’t the only Swiss watchmaker to hop on board the smartwatch bandwagon. We’ve seen companies like Breitling try their hand at smartwatches.

However while there are some Swiss watchmakers who appear to be eager to embrace the smartwatch concept, there are some who straight up refuse to give in. For example Patek Philippe had previously stated that they have no plans to create smartwatches of their own, likening their watches to art, and smartwatches to TV screens that show pictures of a painting.

Swatch on the other hand has suggested that maybe the Swiss watch industry might have missed the boat, kind of like how Nokia had back in the day refused to hop onboard the smartphone bandwagon which as we all know, did not end so well for them. No word on when Hublot’s smartwatch will be launched or how much it will cost, but if you’re looking for luxurious alternatives, then Hublot’s smartwatch could be worth keeping an eye out for.

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