hololens-front-left-transWhile the Microsoft HoloLens might look as though it is something that is extremely cool to wear, do bear in mind that aesthetic beauty does not necessarily translate to performance and ease of use. In fact, game developer David Dedeine has mentioned in his interview with PC World, that the Microsoft HoloLens holographic goggles could be rather uncomfortable to wear over a long period of time.

Similar in nature to how a notebook or laptop could end up running at temperatures that are way too high for you to place it comfortably on your lap while you work, the HoloLens from Microsoft itself will be accompanied by a processor which will also heat up as well when you utilize it.

The Microsoft HoloLens is what is known as “augmented reality”, which is a headset that will be able to overlay three-dimensional images, peppering it over the real world. Being different from the recently revealed Oculus Rift, the HoloLens is more independent in the sense that it is a self-contained device, and hence, there is no need for you to tether it to a PC in order for it to run. In other words, all 1.25 pounds of hardware will be carried by your face and neck muscles, and over time, it will heat up as you use it.

I’m pretty sure there will be a product disclaimer somewhere in the documentation that asks you to take frequent breaks when using the HoloLens.

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