nespresso prodigioWant consistent quality espresso? If you do and you don’t have to invest in an espresso machine, then chances are you might have turned to machines from the likes of Nespresso (amongst others). Recently the company has upped their game by introducing the Prodigio, a machine that can be paired with a smartphone app to allow users to remotely start brewing coffee.


This means that upon waking up, you will be able to start the machine going so that when you’re done washing up and getting dressed, you’ll have a cup of coffee waiting for you already. Users will also be able to schedule the machine to begin brewing at a particular time, so if you know what time you’ll wake up and be ready, this might come in handy.

However users will need to put in a capsule each time beforehand, so set it there the night before and you should be good to go. Apart from being able to brew coffee for you, the app will also remind users when the water tank is running low, and when it might need descaling. Users will also be able to order capsules directly from their smartphone if they are running low too.

Apart from the app connectivity, the Nespresso Prodigio is still pretty much like any Nespresso machine. It comes in three settings – Ristretto, Espresso, and Lungo – and will also be available with a milk frother if coffee with milk is your kind of thing. It is priced at $249 ($299 with the frother) and at the moment, is exclusively available via Sur la Table.

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