Philips-Hue-wake-UpThere is a lot of talk about how the blue light emitted from our phones can mess with our sleep, which is why it is usually recommended that we don’t use our phones before we sleep. Now if you’ve already done that and you’re still having a hard time getting a good night’s rest, here’s another hi-tech solution you could try.

Philips has recently launched new Hue lights in the form of a white ambiance option. Basically these light bulbs have the ability to emit lights in color temperatures that supposedly mimic natural light. This in turn is said to help you sleep better as the lights will be able to automatically shift gradually throughout the day to reflect day and night cycles.

For example it could change color temperatures to reflect morning when the sun is rising. There is even a built-in nightlight mode to help kids find their way back to their rooms after a trip to the bathroom at midnight. Just like Philips’ other Hue lights, this new variant will be available in a starter kit that includes two bulbs and a HomeKit controller and a dimmer switch.

Pricing has yet to be determined but the bulbs are expected to be released this spring, so if you think these bulbs will come in handy then you’ll want to keep an eye out for them in the coming weeks/months.

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