iPhone6s-2Up-HeroFish-PR-PRINTThis year we are expected to see the launch of the iPhone 7, which means that sticking to tradition, 2017 should yield the iPhone 7s. Usually with Apple’s iPhones, the “s” models are the ones that tend to feature new hardware features, like Touch ID, 3D Touch, and so on, so with the iPhone 7s, what can we expect?

According to a report from Nikkei (via TechRadar), it has been suggested that the iPhone 7s could pack an OLED screen. To date Apple has relied on LCD screens, but with the Apple Watch, Apple has made the move to OLED in a small way, which has led to speculation that future iOS devices could make the switch as well.

We have heard rumors of OLED iPhones in the past, with some of the rumors claiming that we will only see it in the iPhone 8, which lines up with the rumors that it will only arrive in 2018, which makes its launch in 2017 earlier than expected, but then again we suppose that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Other rumors have also indicated that companies such as LG and Samsung will be the chief supplier of OLED panels to Apple, which isn’t really that surprising since both companies already do supply Apple with display components. Plus both companies also manufacture OLED products, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that Apple would want to source from them.

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