model-3-model-y-teslaJust when you thought that you knew all that you wanted to know concerning the upcoming Tesla Model 3 that is on track to being launched tomorrow (without breaking the bank, too), here we are with word that there will be more than a single version of the Tesla Model 3, where its slippery low drag design happened to be the main draw. What you see above is the alleged Model 3 that is literally kept under wraps. So, what are some of the new and juicy information that can be gleaned?

Apparently, a source who prefers to remain anonymous has mentioned after taking a peek at the Model 3 that it will be a smaller version hybrid of the Model X and S, being taller as a sedan with a front that resembles the Model X more. It will also be shorter and narrower than either the model X or S, and will of course boast of Falcon Wing doors.

Apart from that, the ride should be able to hit 60mph from a standstill in less than 4 seconds, but it remains to be seen whether this capability will be made available on the base model, or on a more premium edition that carries a larger sized battery and AWD. Word also has it that the higher end Model 3 version will be a whole lot pricier, being placed in the $50 to $60K range.

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