tesla-model3Would you actually drop $35,000 for something that you know is going to be nice, but have not seen it in the flesh just yet? Not quite likely, unless that amount of money is a drop in the ocean for you, but it seems that plenty of people have faith in the Tesla Model 3, a $35,000 ride that has just been unveiled earlier this evening in what has been deemed to be “Part 1” of the unveiling process.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has mentioned on many occasions that rolling out high-end vehicles is but a gateway to delivering an affordable electric vehicle that everyone can afford. The $35,000 (and this is before federal tax credits kick in which could see it retail for $25,000 then) Model 3 sedan is touted to come with a minimum range of 215 miles of range (quite different from the 300 mile range possibility reported yesterday), hitting 0-60 in less than six seconds, and boasting of Supercharging as a standard feature – which is a nice touch, off course.

So far, prior to the ride’s unveiling, the pre-orders for the Tesla Model 3 have already surpassed the 115,000 mark, now how about that for impressive? Delivery of this ride might only happen in 2018, so it will still take some time before you get to see this bad boy on the roads.

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