Just like many of us have spent countless hours chatting with random folks via Yahoo Messenger, many of us have also spent countless hours playing online titles on Yahoo Games. At one point it was the biggest online destination for casual online gaming but sadly the world has moved on. Yahoo has been working on trimming the weight and it has shut down several services in the process, next on the chopping block is its gaming service. Yahoo Games is going to bite the dust in May.


Yahoo confirmed its intention to kill Yahoo Games in its Q1 Progress Report. It’s also shutting down a couple of other services which include a Build Your Own Search Service and a silent video chat app called Yahoo LiveText.

The Yahoo Games website is still live and you can access it but it’s no longer possible to make in-game purchases. Those who have questions about in-app purchases are encouraged to take up the matter with respective game developers. Even though Yahoo made some of the titles internally a big chunk of the titles came from third-party developers.

Yahoo Games has been around for a very long time. It was first launched back in 1998 and soon became the best place to play casual games on the internet. Head over and play a couple of titles if you’re feeling nostalgic, you won’t be able to do that after May 13th, 2016.

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