amazon echo

Amazon Echo is a product that Amazon came out with a few months ago. It was a unique product from the company as it hadn’t built anything of the sort before. It may look like a conventional Bluetooth speaker, and it does function like one, but inside sits Alexa, Amazon’s powerful digital personal assistant. The same personal assistant is now capable of making Echo play nice with Google Calendar.

Amazon has been gradually increasing Alexa’s powers, it can now do a lot of things after simply receiving voice commands from the user, and it goes without saying that Amazon is only going to add to its powers in the future.

The latest addition is support for adding events to Google Calendar. Previously it was possible to inquire about upcoming events from Alexa but users can now tell it to create events as well.

All they need to do is say something along the lines of “Alexa, add dinner with Bob to my calendar for Monday at 9:30 p.m.” and the digital personal assistant is going to do just that. Those who only use Google Calendar for keeping track of all of their events will particularly like this feature as the event will then automatically show up on all devices on which they have their Google Calendar configured.

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