apple maps websiteWe’re sure you have come across websites for retailers or restaurants where they put down their address and also embed Google Maps onto their website for easy viewing. So far the default choice for many websites is Google Maps and unsurprisingly so, but it turns out that Apple could be thinking of throwing their hat into the ring.

It has been noticed that on their website where they announced WWDC 2016, there is an embedded Apple Map that shows where the conference will be held. Just like Google Maps, this map is interactive where users get to zoom in and out and according to speculation, the fact that it is embedded on their website hints that a web version of Apple’s MapKit framework could be in the works.

As it stands, MapKit is exclusive to iOS and Mac apps which shouldn’t really come as a surprise, although how well it will do against Google Maps remains to be seen. This is obviously not the first time Apple Maps has been embedded into websites in some kind of way, but this particular version certainly looks very different.

Also with WWDC coming up, it certainly does allude to the potential of opening it up to developers where previous embedded Apple Maps were limited to Apple’s own services like Find My iPhone. In any case WWDC will be taking place from the 13th to 17th of June, so check back with us then for the details.

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