asus gaming monitorFor the casual gamer, using any display like a regular monitor or even a TV will get the job done. However there are more hardcore gamers who might require more gamer-specific hardware to try and get an edge over the competition as much as possible, and if you are such a gamer you might be interested in checking out ASUS’ trio of new gaming monitors.


The monitors appear to be relatively similar under the hood, so the main differences in the models would be its resolution, response time, and also its display technology. For starters we have the ASUS MG248Q. This is a 24-inch monitor that sports a Full HD display. It also comes with a 1ms response time and a refresh rate of 144Hz.

However if Full HD is too low for you in terms of resolution, there is also the MG24UQ which is a 24-inch 4K display with IPS display technology. If you’d like to go a bit bigger, there is the MG28UQ which is basically the 28-inch 4K version and will also come with a 1ms response time, ideal for gamers who play first-person shooter titles.

In addition, all three monitors will come with ASUS-exclusive features like in-game enhancements such as a crosshair overlay, an onscreen timer, an FPS counter, and more. In terms of availability, both the MG24UQ and MG28UQ are available worldwide right now, but the MG248Q will only be available later this month.

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