You might have heard about Faraday Future, it’s a rather mysterious startup that’s working on an electric car, it was even rumored at one point that Faraday Future was a front for Apple’s secret car project. That’s not the case, though, Faraday Future is backed by a major Chinese company, and that same company has just unveiled its very own electric car.

The company bankrolling Faraday Future is called LeEco, it’s a Chinese holding company that was previously called LeTV, and today it introduced its first electric car ahead of the Beijing auto show.

It’s a concept electric sedan called LeSEE and it has been designed to be a fully autonomous car with a steering wheel that folds away when it’s in autonomous mode. Obviously, it has a lot of technology that’s not yet proven in the real world so don’t expect this car to hit the road anytime soon.

The fact that LeEco has gone through the trouble of making a concept goes to show that it’s actually serious about electric cars and could come out with one based on this concept in the future. We do know that it’s working with Aston Martin on the company’s first electric car called the RapidE.

On the other hand, it continues to bankroll Faraday Future, a startup based in California that’s working on electric cars and has already managed to poach top talent from the auto industry. Faraday Future also revealed its concept electric car recently.

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