Valve is invested in virtual reality, what with them working with HTC to create the HTC Vive virtual reality headset. This is why it really doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that if gamers are so inclined, they will now be able to watch DotA 2 games in virtual reality. Note that they won’t be able to play games in VR, they’ll just be able to watch them thanks to a VR spectator mode.

The feature has yet to be launched but it was teased briefly during a supercut on Valve’s SteamVR website. As it stands many gamers currently enjoy watching DotA 2 matches, just like how many used to love watching StarCraft 2 replays and whatnot, so to have the ability to enjoy these matches in virtual reality would no doubt be a new and interesting experience.

Now before you get too excited that you’ll actually be able to track players through the jungle in virtual reality mode, you can’t. Instead from the brief teaser we are shown, gamers will be watching the match from a virtual reality theater screen, and surrounding them are the various heroes that have been chosen.

Users will be able to scan the “room” and select the heroes, presumably to track those players, and will also be able to pull up stats and various other information in virtual reality mode. We reckon it will take a bit of work to watch the actual game itself in virtual reality, but for now this is still a pretty good idea.

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