google-glass-2.0With so many big name tech companies hopping on board the virtual reality bandwagon, it did not come as a surprise to learn that according to the rumors, Google has bigger plans for virtual reality apart from the Google Cardboard headset. However it seems that according to a new report, Google’s focus on the long-term will be augmented reality, not virtual reality.


The report comes from The Information (paywall; via 9to5Google) who claims that the end-goal for Google is augmented reality, which we suppose isn’t that surprising since Google has dabbled in both fields, with Google Glass being more of an augmented reality headset, while Cardboard is more towards virtual reality.

Apparently the reason for going with augmented reality is because Google doesn’t think that the public will invest too much in virtual reality headsets, which in their current iteration are huge and chunky devices that can’t really be worn outside. This is versus augmented reality in which your phone could offer up such features, and not to mention the more svelte design of the Google Glass.

There is also Project Tango which Google is working with Lenovo to create a consumer-friendly device. Of course these are just rumors for now, but what do you guys think? Should Google focus more on augmented reality, or do you think that virtual reality is the way to go?

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