Moto_President_Rick_OsterlohAccording to the folks at Re/code, they have learnt that Google has launched a new hardware division, and that this new division will be led by none other than the former president of Motorola, Rick Osterloh, who will be joining Google as its new Senior Vice President and who will also be heading up the division and will report directly to Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai.


While Google has confirmed Osterloh coming on board the company, they did not detail what his activities are, and what this new division means for the company. However the report has revealed what kind of activities will be going on in Google’s new hardware division, and this consists of projects like Nexus, Chromecast, OnHub, ATAP, Chromebooks and Pixel C devices, and last but not least, Glass.

Google Glass appears to finally have a home ever since they moved out of Google X last year. The project will now be under Osterloh where previously it was headed up by former Apple exec and Nest CEO Tony Fadell. Fadell is said to be staying on as an adviser to the project, but otherwise he will continue to remain Nest’s CEO.

We’re not sure if this new hardware division will yield anything new from Google, or if it is simply just a way of better managing their projects, but either way we are still eagerly waiting to see what kind of new Glass hardware Google has planned for us in the future.

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