Gmail is Google’s main app for managing email but for those who want a slightly different experience there’s Inbox by Gmail. It has its own set of unique features and Google is gradually adding more to it. Today an update has been released for Inbox by Gmail which gives it the ability to keep track of events, links, and newsletters.


Many of us receive tons of emails every single day and it’s very easy to lose sight of something important that we need to save or follow up on as it becomes buried under the mountain of emails. To make sure users don’t miss these important things three new experiences have been added to Inbox by Gmail.

Inbox by Gmail is now capable of gathering emails from a single event together, it then shows the user what’s changed at a glance, they just need to tap on an event to get a comprehensive overview and see all of the emails that are related to that event.


Some newsletters we discard the moment we receive them, others we like to keep around to read later and Inbox will help with that too now. It’s easier to preview the most frequently read newsletters and click through to the articles that seem most interesting, once users have taken a look at the latest the newsletters will automatically minimize to save space in the inbox.


Since we all have this habit of emailing important things to ourselves, Inbox now allows users to Save to Inbox, which allows them to easily save links for later. They just need to share the link to Inbox on Android or iOS or take advantage of the new Inbox by Gmail Chrome extension on the web. All saved links are grouped together in one place for easy access.

These new experiences are rolling out to Inbox by Gmail today.

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