One of the upsides to photos taken with DSLRs is that they have a good grip. Now some of you might wonder why is grip so important? A good grip allows users to hold and frame their photo better. It can also sometimes prevent any shaking or moving which can lead to blurry photos, why is why if you check out camera reviews, you’ll realize that grip is an issue that comes up a lot.

That being said, our smartphones these days are getting thinner, and at the same time their camera qualities are going up. However a thin smartphone is hardly ideal for gripping, at least as far as serious photographers are concerned, so if you identify yourself as being one of them, you might be interested in a camera grip called the PICTAR.

The PICTAR is a camera grip by Miggo that has been designed for the iPhone in mind. As you can see, the accessory will give your iPhone a more DSLR-like grip, but it’s more than just that. It comes with actual physical buttons that lets you control your camera’s exposure compensation, zoom, and there’s also a physical shutter release button.

There is also a smart wheel that can be used to access other functions. The cold shoe mount will also let users mount a variety of accessories, like flash units or microphones. The best part is that the PICTAR will be compatible with iPhones going back to the iPhone 4 thanks to its design. Now if this sounds like a camera accessory you might be interested in, then hit up its Kickstarter page to pledge your support, or watch the video above for the details.

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