onedriveLate last year, Microsoft announced that due to the abuse of the system, they would be reducing the amount of free OneDrive storage that they were giving out to customers. Free accounts that were initially give 15GB were said to reduce to 5GB, but the backlash that ensued saw Microsoft compromise.

The company then offered that customers who visited the OneDrive storage website could opt in to keep the 15GB of storage if they were to do so by the end of January 2016. Now obviously the cutoff date has come and gone so if you missed your chance, you might want to mark down in your calendars that your storage will be reduced to 5GB come 27th of July, 2016.

There are some users who are still seeing the free 15GB storage even though they did not opt in to keep it, but a recent announcement revealed that Microsoft would only be instituting those changes on the 27th of July. This means that if you have more than 5GB stored in your OneDrive account, you will either need to pay to upgrade in order to maintain your files in the cloud, or you will need to find an alternative or risk having them deleted.

Note that this only applies to legacy accounts prior to Microsoft’s crackdown. New free OneDrive accounts will all come with 5GB by default.

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