It has been less than a year since Samsung’s mobile payments service went live. Despite the fact that it has only been around for a few months and is only available on a handful of devices, it now has more than five million users and has processed more than $500 million in transactions. One of the reasons for its swift adoption is the fact that it’s supported almost everywhere you can pay by card. Samsung is now working directly with terminal makers to further improve Samsung Pay support.


Widespread support is one major advantage that Samsung Pay has over rivals like Apple Pay. Merchants don’t need new terminals to accept Samsung Pay as it supports MST technology which enables users to pay by Samsung Pay anywhere they can pay with plastic.

This means that most of the time users should not have any problems paying with Samsung Pay at a merchant who might not even know what Samsung Pay is, all that matters is that they have a terminal to swipe cards on, but it’s not uncommon for some terminals to not work with the payments service.

To make sure that users are not caused any problems, Samsung says that it’s working directly with the companies that make payment terminals, companies like Verifone, PAX Technology, USA ePay, First Data and Clover, Ingenico group and more.

It’s going to work with these companies to “systematically test and validate the different POS systems in the field to ensure maximum compatibility and universal acceptance for Samsung Pay.”

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