Oculus-Rift-2Recently it has been discovered that the privacy policy for the Oculus Rift contains some pretty disturbing things, in the sense that it sounds like the company behind the headset has openly stated that the information and data collected while you are using the headset could be used for marketing purposes.

It also seems that these policies were put into place after the headset was launched on Kickstarter and after pre-orders had begun, meaning that when you pre-ordered the headset, you weren’t exactly agreeing to these terms. So much so that US Senator Al Franken has since written an open letter challenging the company’s privacy policy and asking them to clarify certain points.

According to his open letter (via MCV UK), “I believe Americans have a fundamental right to privacy, and that right includes an individual s access to information about what data are being collected about them, how the data are being treated, and with whom the data are being shared. When done appropriately, the collection, storage, and sharing of personal information may enhance consumers’ virtual reality experience, but we must ensure that Americans very sensitive information is protected.”

Oculus has yet to respond to those claims and it will be interesting to see what they will say or if these policies will change given the amount of backlash it has received.

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