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There are plenty of smart lighting solutions in the market that provide ease of use by automatically turning on when the user returns home, and allowing them to set timers to effectively control light usage, this also aims in energy conservation and thus leads to a lower electricity bill. However, many of these solutions require expensive rewiring and installation which is why they might not appeal to everybody, but a no-install solution might.


Switchmate today announced the launch of its no-install smart light solution. The product magnetically attaches to any standard light switch and immediately sync with the companion app.

No configuration is required. It simply attaches to the metal screws that are already there on the switches and the default settings allow users to immediately start using this solution via the iOS or Android app.

The app can be used to turn on lights with timers or set them to turn on when the user returns home, it runs on Bluetooth so no Wi-Fi is required for any of this to function.

It’s affordable too, Switchmate costs $39.99, as opposed to other smart lighting solutions which can cost several hundred dollars.Switchmate was introduced as a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo last year, the campaign was successful and the product has been formally launched today.

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