Almost 100,000 people had already pre-ordered the Tesla Model 3 before CEO Elon Musk had even unveiled the car. Since then the company is receiving tens of thousands of pre-orders for the new vehicle every single day. A full week after it was unveiled on March 31st, Tesla Model 3 pre-orders have crossed 325,000, and Tesla is now reportedly looking to boost production in order to ensure that there are no delays when the car eventually arrives in over a year.

In a post on its official blog, Tesla mentioned that these pre-orders reflect $14 billion in implied future sales, making this the single biggest one-week launch of any product ever released.

Even the company itself wasn’t expecting such a massive number of pre-orders in the very first week. CEO Elon Musk said that the number was twice than what he had expected for his company’s first mass-market electric sedan that costs $35,000.

Tesla isn’t due to send out the first customer Model 3 cars before 2017 and given the number of orders that have already been placed it’s likely that majority of the customers won’t receive their cars before 2018.

There are reports of Tesla ramping up production of the Model 3 but it’s unclear as to what’s being sped up to ensure that customers get their Model 3 sedans on time and that Tesla doesn’t have to explain yet another delivery delay to customers.

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