Tesla is known for adopting unconventional designs for its cars and that extends to the interior of the car as well. There isn’t really a trend in the industry to replace buttons in the cockpit with one large tablet but Tesla has been doing just that, and it’s going down the same road for the Tesla Model 3, its latest electric car that’s aimed at the mass market. A new report suggests that the 15 inch landscape center display found inside the Model 3 is going to be made by LG.

While other cars in its lineup like the Tesla Model S have a dashboard design that appears conventional even with the digital gauges, the Model 3 looks like it just came in from the future, because it doesn’t even have any monitors or gauges behind the steering. Everything will likely be handled by that single horizontal screen to the driver’s right.

Reuters reports that LG has been picked by the company as the sole supplier for this center display of the Model 3. This would suggest that Tesla is reducing its reliance on TPK Holdings, the company that currently provides large displays that go into the Model S and the Model X.

Tesla did mention that this horizontal screen in the center is a “production intention,” which basically means that the company is going to conduct tests to see just how feasible it is and if any changes or improvements need to be made.

The company has already received a phenomenal response from customers who have placed pre-orders for a car that’s not even supposed to hit the production line until late next year.

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