tesla_model_x_3While there are several electric cars on the road, there aren’t as many electric SUVs which is what makes the Tesla Model X so special. That and the awesome-looking gullwing doors that lends a certain sporty factor to the overall design. However it seems that the vehicle is not without its problems.

Tesla has recently announced that they will be recalling about 2,700 units of the Tesla Model X over safety concerns. To be more specific, the concerns involve the rear seat of the car that has been deemed to be potentially unsafe. Tesla had conducted multiple tests before rolling out the car for the US market, but apparently when they begun testing the car for the European market, that’s when the problem was discovered.

The issue is said to be with the locking hinge in that it does not lock properly. This means that there are times when the third-row seats would “fail” and the seat would fall forward. Thankfully there have not been any reports of failure while on the road and by customers, but Tesla claims that they are erring on the side of caution and recalling them just to be safe.

The company claims that the repair appears to be relatively simple and straightforward, and that customers will just need to send their car to a Tesla service center and the repair should take about 2 hours to complete.

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