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Update – Turns out that these are not leaks after all. According to CrackBerry, they are renders created by Dylan Habkirk before they were downloaded and “leaked” online. That being said, we do know for a fact that BlackBerry does have two new phones for later this year, so it’s only a matter of time before they make an appearance.

While the BlackBerry Passport was a decent effort put out by the Canadian company, it’s safe to say that it was not as well-received compared to BlackBerry’s first ever Android effort, the BlackBerry Priv. In fact it was so well-received that BlackBerry basically promised that we could expect more Android devices this year, two in fact.

Now thanks to Chinese website BerryLink (via GSMArena), it looks like they have managed to get their hands on two photos of the upcoming devices. It also seems like the photos are pretty much in line with what we had heard previously, which is that one of the devices will be a full touchscreen handset much like most smartphones are these days, and the other will sport a keyboard.

bb android 2While we’re not sure what the final names of the devices are, they have been given the codenames Hamburg and Rome, with the former being the full touchscreen phone, and the latter sporting a keyboard. The specs of either device are a bit of a mystery, but for the Hamburg it has been speculated to be made out of metal and its photo shows that it will sport a front-facing speaker grill at the bottom.

As for the Rome, it’s a bit hard to tell from the photo but it looks like it will have a keyboard, although we can’t tell if this will be a candybar design or if it will be a slider like the BlackBerry Priv. In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but which of these two devices are you more interested in?

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