YouTubeMonetizationDuringDisputeGo back in time 11 years when YouTube was first launched, the idea of being able to make a living creating videos and sharing it on the platform was practically unheard of. Fast forward to today and we have YouTubers who have celebrity statuses and who go around hosting fan events and meetups.

Some have even made it their full-time job, which means that every ad displayed in their videos is important. The good news is that YouTube has recently improved its Content ID process to ensure that YouTubers can continue getting paid even during times in which Content ID is being disputed due to copyright reasons.

According to YouTube, “Here’s how it will work: when both a creator and someone making a claim choose to monetize a video, we will continue to run ads on that video and hold the resulting revenue separately. Once the Content ID claim or dispute is resolved, we’ll pay out that revenue to the appropriate party. We’re working on this new system now and hope to roll it out to all YouTube partners in the coming months.”

Prior to this, YouTubers embroiled in Content ID disputes had revenue halted until the claim was resolved, and given that sometimes it can take a while, full-time YouTubers have basically lost themselves one avenue of making money, but hopefully these changes are indeed for the better.

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