cellular_macbook_patentIn order to connect to the internet, laptops require either a WiFi or a cabled connection, but sometimes cables aren’t so readily available, and sometimes the WiFi isn’t particularly stable or fast, which means that the next best thing would be to use your phone as a hotspot. However since we’re using our phone, why not bake that feature into the laptop itself, right?

According to a recently discovered patent by Apple, it has hinted that the Cupertino company is exploring the idea of creating a laptop with cellular capabilities. What this means is that with the right hardware, the laptop could go online by itself using a cellular connection, similar to how iPads with cellular connectivity do.

Note that Apple is not the first to think of such ideas. In the past we have seen laptops aimed at enterprise users come with SIM card slots so that they can insert a data SIM card and go online. This is more ideal for business users who might always be on the go and want a more reliable connection than public WiFi.

Of course one could always opt to buy those dongles or hotspots, but if you’d rather not carry another device around or take up a USB slot, this could be a good idea. However since it is only a patent there’s no telling if Apple will make it a reality, but with a MacBook Pro refresh rumored for the later part of the year, maybe Apple will announce something then.

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