chevy-fnr-1[CES Asia 2016] There is one thing about conceptual cars, and then there are is another concerning prototypes of such concepts that actually work. The Chevrolet FNR concept which was first introduced at the Shanghai auto show last year certainly drew its fair share of wows and gasps from whoever that laid their eyes on it, and the Chevrolet FNR has made yet another appearance at CES Asia 2016. The ride itself has been specially designed by GM’s Shanghai-based Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center team.

What is the best way to describe this particular car? You can’t really do it justice with mere words, as you would need to see it in person for yourself to be able to get an idea on just what this is all about. Basically, it comes in a rather future-forward capsule design, meaning you will not find it anywhere else, and no doubt about it that autonomous driving is going to play a key role here, since the front two seats can be rotated 180 degrees so that all four people can carry out a decent conversation with one another face to face, en route to their destination.

Other features include hubless motors within the mean looking wheels, where it relies on a wireless charging system for the electric drivetrain. Oh yeah, in another part that seems to hail from a science fiction movie, you will find that there is an integrated iris recognition system which will be used to authenticate the driver, making sure that only the right person can be in control of it. I’d like to purchase more insurance for my eyeballs now, please, lest anyone who would like to steal this car deprive me of my ocular sense with a knife.

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