When the Xbox One was first released, it was bundled with the Kinect sensor whether gamers wanted to use it or not. Nowadays the sensor has been unbundled but if you were an early adopter and are looking for a new game to use the sensor with, you might be interested to learn that Kung-Fu for Kinect will be arriving on the Xbox One next month.

For those unfamiliar, Kung-Fu for Kinect is sort of like the sequel to the original Kung-Fu High Impact for the Xbox 360. It uses the Kinect to scan your body and places you in the game in a comic book-like setting where you have to punch and kick your way through waves of enemies. In a way it’s like getting a workout but only more fun.

Developed by Virtual Air Guitar Company, the game’s lead designer Aki Kanerva said, “We’ve received a lot of requests to bring Kung-Fu to Xbox One. We can now answer the popular demand, thanks to great leaps in game development tools. This new version has been reprogrammed from scratch using Unity, so we have new cool features like new game modes, more enemies on screen and ragdoll physics that react to your attacks. Exercise is one of the big reasons why we make motion games. We want to provide both kids and adults with games that are enjoyable on their own, but also keeps them up and active.”

It looks and sounds like a fun game if you’ve never tried it, so if you’re looking for a way to burn those calories, Kung-Fu for Kinect might be worth checking out. In the meantime you can watch the game’s launch trailer above, or the video below to see gameplay of the original Kung-Fu High Impact.

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