find my ipad storyThe Find My iPhone/iPad feature is nifty when you’ve misplaced your device or have it stolen, in which you can then share the information with the police who will attempt to help you retrieve it. In the past we have seen some pretty crazy stories as a result of the feature, the most recent being that it led police to a gang’s hideout in Thailand.


That being said, a man by the name of Shelby Bonnie recently lost his iPad on his flight when he accidentally left it behind in the seat pocket. Instead of chalking it up to a loss, Bonnie decided to track down his iPad and make a little adventure out of it, the entire experience of which he documented on Facebook to his friends and followers.

He kept track of the tablet’s location the entire time and discovered that it made a pit stop in Memphis where it made its way around. At one point he even discovered that the iPad was at the same airport as he was and was within 100 feet of him, but unfortunately activating the distress signal did not seem to yield any results, and his messages were also ignored.

He eventually tracked the iPad to a house in Florida where he then bought $50 worth of balloons and wrote on the card accompanying that read, “My iPad sadly ran away from home and I would really like to welcome it back.” Now while it might have seemed like a lost cause, he did eventually get it back when an elderly woman decided to return the tablet to the airport where it was eventually shipped home to him.

According to Bonnie’s post on Facebook, “As described by lost and found when they called a second ago, a fairly elderly woman came in a few minutes ago and said she had gotten the balloons and thought it would be a good idea to return the iPad to the airport. She said to thank me for the balloons, but she didn’t really want to call.” In the meantime if you’d like to read his little adventure, hit up his Facebook page for the details.

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