Nest finds it in the best internet of the company to have as many smart home devices out in the market as quickly as possible and for that purpose, it has decided to open up its Thread smart home protocol to other developers. Thread is Nest’s smart home network that connects various Internet of Things gadgets together and enables them to talk to each other so that they can work seamlessly. By opening up Thread it’s giving developers the option to use its network technology instead of having to develop their own.

Nest is of the view that this is going to speed up the pace at which smart home devices are coming to market, it also goes without saying that with this move the Google-owned company is also looking to further expand its presence in the connected smart home.

Starting today, interested developers can head over to GitHub and download the Thread code when they can incorporate into their devices. Once their devices are ready to ship the Thread Group will approve certification and allow developers to access the network and cloud.

Developers will be required to join the Works with Nest program if they want to build integrations with Nest products. This will enable them to create smart home gadgets that operate on the Thread network and connect more seamlessly with Nest products in that particular home.

It’s a compelling proposition for developers since they don’t have to worry about having to create their own networking layers from scratch, but it’s not the only proposition, Apple’s HomeKit and ZigBee are competing networks, and they’ve been around for far longer.

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