The great Hideo Kojima left Konami last year and soon announced his new studio called Kojima Productions, we haven’t heard much about him or what he has been up to ever since he left Konami, he did announce in between that his studio and Sony were teaming up to create games for the PlayStation platform. Kojima has now said that his new game will appeal to players who like The Division and Uncharted.

Kojima revealed in an interview with Famitsu that his new tripe-A title is an “amazing game,” and that it contains some parts that are “very new,” he mentioned all of this without providing any major details about his next big project.

Though he didn’t say if it’s an open-world title, Kojima did mention in the interview that those who enjoy playing current AAA games like Uncharted and The Division “will be able to play it smoothly.”

He also added that when the game is eventually announced some might think that it’s not as “way-out” as they might have expected at first, but Kojima says that they’ll understand it better once they get to play the game.

Kojima said that he’s pleased that Sony has trusted him with such a massive project and that he’s equally brainstorming the character, plot, and game system. He also mentioned that the publisher his providing him with complete freedom to create the game he wants.

That’s all he has to say about his next big project at this point in time, hopefully, he’ll provide us with more details in the coming months.

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